True Southend Brewery Ghost Stories

In a city steeped with a devastating history of war, fire, hurricanes and earthquakes, one can only begin to imagine how many souls linger on in their homes and favorite haunts. Charleston’s countless ghost stories and firsthand accounts prove that this city is too great to leave, even after death.

Southend Brewery happens to be one of the most haunted buildings in Charleston. Long before people flocked here for food and beer, a cotton merchant had an office on the third floor, where he took his own life back in the 1800′s. Deep in dept and hopeless, the merchant hanged himself after watching a shipment of cotton burn to the water line from his window. This shipment was meant to repay his debts. As the ship burned down, he watched his last chance of redemption burn away, too. This man’s ghost has taken permanent residence at Southend. Though hundreds of years ago he lived a tortured life here, he now seems to be enjoy Southend Brewery’s modern day charms.

The ghost appears to be friendly. He has taken quite a liking to our beer. Bartenders report beer flowing from a tilted tap behind the bar- with no one in site. Servers report frequently feeling the breeze of a tall man blow past them in front of the windows on the third floor. This can only be explained as the ghost enjoying a clear view to the harbor, this time without the worry of a burning ship. Our Salsa-dancing guests have also experienced some time with the ghost- he must like to dance.

Can you feel the ghost?

Have YOU had your own brush with the Southend Brewery Ghost? Maybe something seemed a little eerie on a recent Southend visit. Maybe you felt some paranormal energy while dining or enjoying a drink at the bar. Maybe you felt there was an extra guest present at your second-floor party. Please share your ghost story with us.