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Ahren Warf, Brewmaster at Charleston Southend Brewery
Meet Ahren Warf, Brewmaster at Southend Brewery Charleston SC

Not only is Ahren Warf a second generation Brewmaster, his studies in chemistry compliment his work in overseeing the brewing process at Southend. Ahren begins brewing early in the morning milling the finest hops and ingredients. He maintains the equipment and performs quality control to ensure that Southend delivers consistent, flavorful, well-crafted beers. Ahren enjoys the full range of Southendís eight microbrews, and personally favors the Southend Stout.

Launch Window of Beer Brewing Process at Southend Brewery Charleston SC
About The Best Beer in Charleston SC

SOUTHEND BLONDE LIGHT: This beer has all of the flavor but just a little less body of our well-endowed, best-selling Southend Blonde.† It?s clean and crisp with a quick finish.

SOUTHEND BLONDE: Our signature ale, smooth and light with a distinctive yet subtle hop finish designed to cure thirst cold.

SOUTHEND WHEAT: Enjoy a slice of lemon or orange with this smooth, light bodied ale. Our cold, unfiltered, American wheat beer continues a summer tradition.

SOUTHEND PALE ALE: A medium bodied, copper colored ale with a pleasing full hop flavor & aroma.

SOUTHEND RED ALE: This medium bodied beer is a ruby red hue and full flavored. This microbrew is an American tradition.

SOUTHEND BROWN ALE: A rich, malty beer with an interesting light body and very subtle hop note.

SOUTHEND STOUT: Roasty, round, full bodied, and silky smooth beer; a blend of flaked oats and 8 varieties of malted barley.

SEASONAL BREW DOUBLE IPA:† Full bodied, high gravity beer.