What would you do if you had an evening at Southend alone? Well, I was lucky enough to be able to snag some private time with the Brewery a few nights ago and the results were delicious.

Ironman Wheat

I tried the Ironman Wheat in all of its creamy, smooth glory.

Southend Pale Ale

My cohort tasted the Southend Pale Ale and was surprised by the crisp hoppiness and moderate foam.

ground floor stage

The ground floor stage is the music spot and pictured here is equipment from the band that had just played.

wood fire

A stoked wood fire prepared to bake fresh, fantastic pizzas.

The Brewery equipment

The Brewery equipment is beautiful at night.


The light fixtures above the dining area have fantastic metal fashioning and deep amber glass that casts warmth on all the walls and tables.

cup of crayons

Southend keeps the whole family happy by providing cups of crayons and paper tablecloths for art at the table.

grain bags on display

Grain bags on display in the stairwell of the Brewery.

view from above

A view of the Brewery ground floor from above on the third floor (I had to perch on a chair and lean to get the shot, so don't try this at home! ;)

We tried not to tarry too long, but the inviting glow of the building was hard to leave. After thanking the staff and manager we headed out of the heavy double doors onto the street towards home.

While it is rare and great to spend this kind of time in a space to yourself, it’s even better when it’s filled with people and music and conversation, gatherings of friends and new acquaintances made by travelers staying downtown. Won’t you join us?