With Restaurant Week less than week away, Charlestonians are poring over each and every Restaurant Week menu, drooling and frantically making reservations. There’s a reason why Charleston Restaurant Week is ten days long- there’s too much to taste in seven days. We are particularly excited to share our 3 for $20 menu, inspired by the spicy N’awlins lifestyle.

Long before settling in Charleston, Southend Brewery’s Executive Chef Greg Tatis cooked alongside famed Chef Paul Proudhomme at New Orleans K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. After his first eight-year run in the south, he took his New Orleans education to New York and opened two restaurants for New Englanders craving creole cuisine. When Chef Tatis migrated back to the south, he landed at Southend Brewery in Charleston and brought along the spice and smoke of New Orleans cuisine. Hints of Cajun and Creole are woven throughout Southend’s menu, but next week, you’ll have a chance to taste the real deal.

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and African cultures blend with traditional Southern soul food and bring us bright, spicy Creole flavors. On his Restaurant Week Menu, Chef Tatis features smoked or super spicy starters, classic Southern/Creole entrees and the perfect amount of chocolate to polish it off.  New Orleans is no stranger to drinking, and neither is Southend. Any of our house made microbrew beers or handcrafted cocktails make an excellent counterpart to our Restaurant Week Menu.

Make reservations with us for January 12-22nd, Charleston Restaurant Week! Happy eating.

Southend Brewery’s 3 courses for $20


Smoked Pork and Green Chili Enchilada with Guajillo Pepper and Pict’s Stout Mole.


Alligator Sauce Piquant with Jalapeno Toast Points


Blackened Catfish with Sautéed Mirliton, Roasted Andouille and Béarnaise


Chicken Clemençeau


 Chocolate and Pecan Pie


Red Velvet Cake