Try our Charleston Best Beer & Pizza combinations. Delicious by themselves, but even better together. Southend’s microbrewed beer is the perfect beverage to wash down a slice of pizza, but it also serves a dual role in our pizza perfection.

The secret behind our delicious pizza dough is behind those infamous glass walls inside the restaurant. The magic ingredient in Southend Brewery’s pizza is the additional buzz of flavor from our homemade ale.  Years ago, we began adding Southend Ale to our pizza dough and found that when yeast from the dough and yeast from our beer met, there was perfection.

Adding beer to pizza dough in place of water gives the the crust a nice consistency. Ale makes pizza dough light and flaky and cooking the pizza in our wood-fired oven makes the flavors to soar to the surface. You have yourself a rich, delicious, authentic pizza, that’s never thick and chewy; but just right.

With years of testing pizza topping combinations behind us, we’ve found a few crowd favorites, including The Margherita (with fresh mozzarella and basil pesto), The Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza, and a Meat Lovers Pizza (with pepperoni, sausage, roasted red pepper and goat cheese). If you can dream of something better, you can also create your own Southend Pizza. Choose a base of standard marinara or smoked tomato sauce, a choice of goat, mozzarella or cheddar-jack cheese and a variety of fresh veggies and smoked meats.

Enjoy it here with a Southend Ale or take it home with a full growler. Check out pictures and reviews of fellow Southend Pizza lovers on Foodspotted.