We love you King Street Bars, but sometimes, the sights and sounds of nightlife over on that side of the peninsula can get a little too repetitive. There’s really only so many times you can pay a cover charge and push through a drunk mob waiting for a street cart hot dog. For those of you who have forgotten, yes, there is nightlife past King Street. Show East Bay Street some love!

When’s the last time you visited Southend on the weekend? It’s a whole new world and you’ve got to check it out. There’s always a new face, always a cool view to discover and a rotating batch of homemade seasonal beers on tap to test out. Plus, the third floor has rows of pool tables, dart boards and arcade games. If you’re sick of the King Street scene and can’t possibly see another raccoon-sunglasses sunburn, hop in a pedicab and try out Southend Brewery for your weekend adult beverage(s).