The 20th annual Reindeer Run in Charleston, SC was a highlight of Southend’s year and a great time for everyone. Costume contests, awards for placement and a kickin’ after-party at the Brewery filled out the chilly Saturday morning and kept us rockin’ into the afternoon.

Santa's elves

Santa's elves anxiously await the costume contest results

Dog Day

It was a dog day at the Reindeer Run with lots of pooches in bells and their Christmas Best!

Reindeer Run finish line

Whether walking, running or strolling, everyone crossed the finish line with time to spare.

Kurly Wolf

Kurly Wolf rocked out the afterparty at Southend Brewery.

Happy folks at the Reindeer Run afterparty

Some happy after-party attendants at Southend after the Run

Southend Sign

Proud to host the Reindeer Run afterparty and participate in the event, Southend can't wait for next year!

As you can see, we had a blast and we’re so glad you came out!

Join us next year for the Reindeer Run and enjoy all of the surprises in store.

Happy Holidays!